Your safety is important !!!

A few of the basics to be aware of:

      - Your Email is never shown in your ad.
      - If you put your Phone Number in your ad your
        address can be found through the 411 searches.
      - You should know who you are dealing with,
        ask for some sort of verifiable identification.
      - Always let someone know of your plans if you
        invite someone to your home or arrange a
        meeting, better yet, have someone else present.
      - Deal  LOCALLY  when possible.
      - Use the "Check Authoring Origin" tool at the
        bottom of the ad to verify the ad is authentic
        if not, Report it as SPAM.
      - Always ask to see the item before paying for it.
      - Do not agree to anything that makes you feel
      - Always keep a copy of all the correspondence
        concerning your ad.

Ultimately, your safety is your responsibility,
this Site is a use at your own risk facility.


Fraud is a reality on the Internet,
take steps to protect yourself.

Some of the indicators for fraud are:

   - High-End items at "too good to be true" prices.
   - Pressure to buy quickly.
   - Contact information that cannot be easily verified.
   - Ads that appear locally but have been entered
     from overseas addresses.
   - Country of origin of inquiry.

If you find an ad to be fraudulent or misleading,
you can report it as SPAM from the ad,
with enough complaints it is automatically removed,
or let us know about it directly with the link below.



Ads are entered publicly for free by anyone who wishes, consequently, will not be held responsible for fraudulent or misleading ads,
we will however remove such ads at our sole discretion if they are reported to us.

Report Fraudulent or Misleading Ads